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My enthusiasm for javascript waxes and wanes with the tides. Currently, it's been reinvigorated by some of the stuff Google has been doing and the possibilities for lightweight, distributed web applications (and I don't mean AJAX). An example: the moshi 95 widget

After some research and experimentation, I've settled on a framework for packaging composite javascript classes I call J.ini. JavascriptJini Click here for more information on J.ini.

My Classes

Javascript DomHandler
JavascriptKwyption Kwyption
JavascriptJini J.ini

Frameworks and Libraries

Dojo Tool Kit
Yahoo! User Interface
top 10 js functions (dustindiaz.com)

Tools and Utilities

JPSpan (sourceforge.net)


MDC Javascript Reference (mozilla.org)
MDC DOM Reference (mozilla.org)
long list of js libraries (edevil.wordpress.com)


Import XML File (quirksmode.org)
windows.onload (again) (dean.edwards.name)

Common DOM Syntax

var element = document.getElementById(id);
element.innerHTML = markup;